It can be challenging to define the word “community.” On the one hand, it seems very complex, but on the other, it seems quite simple. Ngage NM defines the term “community” broadly.

Through the process of community engagement, we bring together individuals with a common cause that benefits the whole. The community of Doña Ana County is very diverse with differences ranging from culture and language to education and experiences. Community engagement necessitates self-awareness and the ability to embrace each other’s differences rather than condemn them. We must be able to step out of our comfort zones and break down barriers for us to work together. Community engagement involves investing energy and time into building relationships – sometimes with one individual at a time – and working collaboratively toward common goals.

Most importantly, community engagement requires respect, effort, and love – love for ourselves, our city, our county, and our people. It requires love for the border, for agriculture, for the desert and the mountains – for everything that comes together to make our community unique.

Ngage NM desires to nourish a diverse, vibrant, and resilient community where all people enjoy freedom, opportunity, and the power to direct their own lives.
own lives.