Ngage New Mexico (Ngage) serves as a backbone organization for an education initiative called Success Partnership. As a backbone organization we assist the partnership with – facilitation, venues, materials, coordination and guidance. The Success Partnership utilizes “collective impact” as the process for change. In collective impact, we strive to bring together representatives from all sectors to discuss mutual goals on how education can be improved. As a result of this effort, leaders have convened around the idea of improving education and what it entails. A short list of some of these leaders is below.

Ngage has convened a number of community meetings, including the education Success Summit held in April 2015. The education Summit was attended by a number of community leaders – such as Senator Soules and Provost Dan Howard (NMSU) as well as many teachers, parents and students. Following the “Collective Impact” process, our goal is to (1) develop a “community agenda”, (2) determine mutually reinforced activities, (3) shared measures and (4) consistent communication.

Several community meetings have resulted in a community agenda of 10 major goals. One of the goals is “Ensuring that children are ready for kindergarten.” As such, an Action Network Group has worked hard at developing a “County-wide Early Childhood Education Plan.” Ngage is supporting this group to develop the plan and help implement its strategies.

Here is a short list of members of the “Leaders Circle” of the Success Partnership:

Senator Bill Soules, Monica Torres (VP of Academic Affairs of DACC), Dan Howard (Provost of NMSU), Michael Morehead (Dean of College of Education), Mary Parr-Sanchez (VP NEA), Willie Silva, Jr. (El Paso Electric), Michael Zaragoza (Executive Director of United Way), Maria Artiaga (Director of Head Start Las Cruces Public Schools), Jonah Garcia (Health Start La Clinica de Familia), Abel Covarrubias (Aprendamos), Amanda Gibson Smith (DAC Head Start) and Carrie Hamblen (Executive Director of Green Chamber of Commerce).